A Bookcase, a Crack, and a Song I Love

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Final Trio.”

My book collection is something I will always treasure. A few years ago, I wrote a book review blog. It was a very fulfilling time in my life. I’m thinking about starting it back up again. I certainly have a solid collection of books to get me back into the swing of things.

I probably rearrange my bookcases a few times a year. I have whittled my collection down to favorite authors, books I will read and/or re-read, and classics. So I rotate my collections periodically. My fiction bookcase is one of a pair from the DOCENT line at IKEA. In the beginning, I loaded its deep shelves with double rows of books in a visually-attractive horizontal and vertical arrangement. I have a photographic memory; so I had no trouble remembering what was on the back row. I tried to incorporate art and objects among the stacks; but there was not much room for them. When my collection began spilling out onto other horizontal surfaces, I knew I had to do something. And it was not buying another bookcase. Of course I put up a fuss; but it turned out to be quite liberating.

On one of the shelves of my fiction bookcase, there’s a beautiful oriental bust that I found at the Goodwill. It’s so poised and elegant-looking that the crack on the back WP_Oriental_Bustof it didn’t stop me from bringing it home. I haven’t patched it yet; but that is a planned project. And rather than a crack, it’s a small hole. But I enjoy looking at it. And I don’t mind grabbing it from the shelf to reveal the hole to anyone who admires it. That’s just what junkers collectors do. We take pride in preserving other people’s cast-offs.

Even though I’ve stopped celebrating Christmas, this song has wormed its way into my ear. I say, “wormed its way into my ear” because a cursory search of the phenomenon disclosed the term for it. When a song gets stuck in your head, that’s an ear worm . See, there’s always something to learn at a CommonPlace STUDIO .

A couple of Sundays ago, I was standing at the sink after breakfast; and the lilting melody of this song just drifted into my ear and, despite all the Deep Home Southern Gospel, Whitney Houston, and R&B I’ve tried to drown it out with — it keeps playing. So don’t blame me if this beautiful Christmas melody burrows its way into your memory. It’s from the soundtrack of “Home Alone” — which I’ve been known to watch in March or July. I was so determined to find this song that I reviewed the entire soundtrack. I’m not sure what type of memory this is; but when the song first popped into my head, I immediately recognized it as being from the movie. Have a listen: Christmas Star It’s really beautiful.

Me? I’m gonna head over to the stacks for a new read. Maybe this bookworm will find a remedy for her ear worm.

Final Trio


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