Appreciation Breeds Happiness

An appreciative heart is the foundation for happiness. Appreciate what you already have, are, know, see . . .  Set your sights on what will compliment what you already have.  Don’t always seek to replace it.  Your current state is God’s intention; and reordering it is His business.  Elevation comes after you apply His truths to your situation.  Blessing comes when God sees you making the most of what is. Be poised to readily release whatever — or whomever — threatens your ability to appreciate.

Many times, when I’ve had to remind myself to take stock of what I have, I hadn’t considered the added responsibility that would come with whatever was on the horizon.  To look out on the horizon offers inspiration; but I had to learn how to apply inspiration to reality.  Yes, that’s the key to happiness.


I found quite an inspiring challenge.  It appealed to my affinity for quote graphBadge_WCWics.  That’s probably not the right name; but it’s what I call them.  Since I had already created a handful of them that I shared on facebook, I thought, “Why not share them here as well?”  Then I came across the Words Crush Wednesday Challenge.  I love words too, Lisa. That’s serendipity.


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