Daily Prompt Post: Image Search

Daily Prompt Post: Image Search

What this image brings to mind is my wish that I could rattle my ancestree and shake all those hidden ancestors out of there! A maternal great-grandfather that just disappeared off the face of the earth before 1860. I suspect I can identify his mother; but haven’t found anything concrete. A paternal great-grandfather that I suspect was free. This picture just gets my juices flowing and visions of ancestors dancing in my head.

It also reminds me of how straightforward the process is. There’s no need for web interference at the beginning stages. Just collect those names, dates, and locations and connect the dots. There’ll be plenty time for online sharing afterwhile. But, for now — wait, what’s that I see? That’s right — don’t forget about those collateral ancestors. They can fill in some of those sparse branches. Is that Aunt Edna’s uncle RayRay? The stories I’ve heard about him tell me I could find a long, lost cousin or two.

I prefer photographs over drawings — especially if the photographs are vintage. There’s just so much to be imagined in facial expressions in portraits, shadows in landscapes, and perceived activity in groups of people.


2 thoughts on “Daily Prompt Post: Image Search

  1. AncesTREE! I love it! One thing I have learned in my years of research is to never dismiss a source, and always look for a back door. I call the collateral ancestors and adjacent people and sources “the back doors” because sometimes you find some of the best secrets through the back doors. Fantastic. Keep it up. You’ll find Great Grandma. Leave no stone unturned!


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