Be my Neighbor?

Untitled-1 copyThe creative minds behind Blogging 101 have put together a no-holds-barred program. From day 1, we just jumped in with both feet. But the instructors, Happiness Engineers, and fellow course participants kept us afloat. Even though the course outline is prominently displayed in the Commons, assignments always come with an unexpected twist to help us blog with a purpose.

Yesterday’s assignment: leave comments on at least four blogs that you’ve never commented on before.

Ironically, each assignment is actually a building block for something I’ve already incorporated into my blog. Yesterday was an exceptionally good day for connecting with other WordPressers. Seeking out bloggers with whom I’ve not communicated has been quite rewarding. For instance . . .

  • In her Weekend Mission post, Chameleon talks about her choice to write in both English and French. The topics mentioned in her “About Me” widget are what initially interested me. But the English / French concept is also a draw. Reading French with English narrative close-by is a good way for me to update my sketchy knowledge of a subject I studied for six years.
  • Deanna talks about how things came together as she decided on Clouds and Sunsets as the name for her blog. She shares how the name came with an added bonus. Along with reflections, she will be sharing all the amazing photos of clouds and sunsets she has taken over the years.
  • a hectic life had me on pins and needles all the way to the finish line as I read The Morning Race. She brilliantly uses a (part of speech?) or symbolism — whatever — to describe her daily ritual. Cute, funny, and very creative.

My fourth one is missing. I’ll add it later. Anywho — I don’t know if I’ll be a Hero by the end of the course. But I’ll be far from a Zero


6 thoughts on “Be my Neighbor?

  1. Great blog, i have been scratching my head in my limited knowledge of blogging, and i have had to read other blogger posts to find out just what the assignments are about; except for the obvious ones. Your presentation is great and i look forward to following your blogs, LOL Murray

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    • Welcome, Murray, and thanks for the Follow. You’re welcome to visit any time. But to make the most of your blogging time, rather than checking various blogs, it would be a better idea to go directly to the source for the details of the Blogging 101 assignments.

      I just visited your blog; and your “About Me” page is longer than necesssary. I’m not saying you should scratch any of it. Just chip away at it until is is closer to resembling the instructions. Then see if you can create a post or two from what you cut away.

      If you’re having trouble making it short and sweet, ask yourself: if a total stranger found my blog and only remembered one thing about it, what would I want that to be?

      For a start to shortening your “About Me” page, here are the original instructions. I need to go back through them myself — paying closer attention to the “meal not a shopping list” explanation.

      Also, the Commons is a more comfortable environment for exchanging blogging advice.

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