About Me

Hello, Reader. I answer to “Miss Donna”. I’m a Gulf Region transplant from the Mid-West who loves to read and write. And I write every chance I get. My current boss appreciates and relies on my ability to write with clarity. And, after reading a description of my first hurricane experience, my former boss told me he was totally drawn into the experience by my attention to detail and that I should consider writing a novel.

Here at a Commonplace STUDIO , you’ll find my thoughts and experiences with regard to books, genealogy, Protestantism, and topical Bible studies. If you share my interest in any of these topics, hopefully we can engage in a digital dialogue or two. Welcome to my commonplace.


3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Good Afternoon Miss Donna. I answer to Miss Catherine. I too love to write, love Jesus, don’t have enough time to read all the books on my shelves, and I like to wrestle with and dig into rich Bible study. I’m in the midst of Blogging 101 as well and I am working on revising my about page. I am going to continue looking through your site for more inspiration. Thanks.


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