What’s a Commonplace STUDIO?

Moleskine_Before_Afterpsd copyYou know those moleskine notebooks that anyone who was anyone used at the beginning of the century? (Well, that’s when I was introduced to it.) Oh, I still see them in Barnes & Noble. And, even in this digital age, thinkers continue to find uses for them — myself included. Any blank book or journal will serve the same purpose of a moleskine. But I appreciate the quality of construction and the heft of the lined pages of this brand. (And I like saying, “mol-a-skeen-a.” ) Being the paper and writing geek that I am, I went online for ideas in setting up my newfound organizing accessory. Yes, there’s an unspoken “cool quotient” that comes with owning a moleskine. This elevates it from a mere tool to an accessory.

Now, I can manage my data and resources digitally. The foundation of my personal digital commonplace consists of links nested within my narrative about a subject. It adds a commentary feature to bookmarking. The contents of the STUDIO will run the gamut from Christianity and Bible Studies to recipes, genealogy, decluttering (a by-product of information overload), etc.

from The Thomas Jefferson Papers at the Library of Congress: “A commonplace book is not what you might expect from the name. Rather than something ordinary, a commonplace book is a journal or notebook in which a student, reader, or writer compiles quotations, poems, letters, and information, along with the compiler’s notes and reactions.”

I’ve always been an information gatherer. When I decided to resume blogging, I mulled over the possible topics I would cover and my collection of bookmarks related to them. A digital commonplace is my preference over navigating through bookmark folders or worse — browser tabs. So there was no question that “commonplace” would be part of my blog name. I started with a personal online commonplace (much like a journal or diary). Then I decided to launch a CommonPlace STUDIO since a studio is a blank slate that is limited only by the imagination of the person using it. It allows me to actually practice blogging as I develop my genealogy blog.

PostScript: And wonder of wonders! My research for this post has rekindled my moleskine lust. Note to Self: Support development of a CommonPlace STUDIO with a new traditional commonplace book. Hmmm . . . Seems I’ve come full-circle.

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