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I’m Still Here

Despite appearances, I haven’t abandoned the STUDIO. I finally got my genealogy blog launched; and have been writing over there. I’m happy to see a few of you have already found it and like it as well. I’ll continue to keep my eye on the reader. One thing I’ve learned is when I come across some of your posts in the reader and want to comment, my “DSA” icon appears instead of “aCS.” For that reason, I’m thinking about creating a separate account for the blogs. Thinking about it.

And yes — you’ll notice I “borrowed” this theme. I actually think it works better for the other blog. So I’ll be looking for a different theme for this one.

Okay, it just occurred to me — even this post will display my alter-ego blog icon. To circumvent that, I would need to change my default blog then change it back. What do you guys think? Those who have more than one blog, how do you handle this issue? Thanks.

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